Is Natrelle Inspira less likely to ripple? (Photo)

I am 23, 5'2'', 125 lbs. I plan to get very lean in order to eventually compete in a bikini competition. Are the Natrelle Inspira implants less likely to ripple compared to the regular style 15 Natrelle implants? Also, I have attached images. I would like to be a very full C or even small D. Would 286 cc be enough to get me there? Currently a small B or large A. Pictures included. Thank you for your responses!!

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Will Inspira implant ripple less?

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I have about 50 patients with Inspira implants now and my main indication is for thin primary augmentation patients such as yourself or in revision patients (re-do's) where tissues can be quite thin.  All implants even these newer high fill implants or Sientra -more cohesive implants, or Style 410 Natrelle implants are still not perfect without any visibility or palpability but they do significantly reduce your chances than standard gel and certainly saline devices.

The implant is 1 part of the equation, the next is how much soft and fat thickness you have, followed by how stretchy your skin is and then whether the implant is placed partially beneath the muscle.

The vast majority of thin patients, I place the implant deep to the muscle, not exceed the width of the breast so the implant remains covered and use a higher fill, or more cohesive or shaped 410 in thin patients.

Approximately 200cc's is one bra cup so if you want to be fully augmented you would likely require a full projection or high profile implant and would have to accept a fuller, more rounded upper pole...probably closer to 350-400, but your plastic surgeon would have to measure you and discuss sizing...higher volume implants have a lot more trade-offs and complications.


Dr Bengtson

Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implant rippling

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Thank you for your question.  I've used Inspira implants almost exclusively for some time now, and I don't find that rippling is a common problem.  However, rippling is a possibility with any type of breast implants.

In order to give proper advice about your implant choice, a breast exam would be required, including measurement of your breast dimensions.

Are Natrelle Inspira implants less likely to ripple?

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Good question! The only difference between the style 15 and the Inspira implant is the fill volume. Because the Inspira is filled to a higher volume, they do produce less visible rippling. I recommend the Inspira implants for my very thin and small-breasted patients. I think an implant in the range of a 295-335 SRF Inspira implant would give you what you are looking for; however, I would recommend an in person consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area to be sure. Good luck!


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The answer is yes, but the exact type of implants is probably less critical than the volume and the position. My first recommendation would be to stay pretty conservative with the size, which in turn would significantly reduce your risk of rippling.

Ciro Adamo, PhD, MD
Italy Plastic Surgeon
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Are INSPIRA breast implants less likely to ripple?

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As the top user of Natrelle Inspira breast implants in Colorado, I have a fair amount of experience with thinner patients (such as yourself) and also work with a good number of fitness competitors (like yourself).  I find that the higher fill ratio of these implants does provide for less rippling as well as greater upper pole projection.  

In terms of the size, it really depends not only on your height and weight but also how broad your shoulders are and your overall frame.  It appears that you have about a B cup now and so an upper 200 cc Inspira should give you nice volume without looking too big.  I encourage my patients to choose a range and bring in photos of a "proportionate look" that they are shooting for instead of an actual size.  I then use sizers in the OR to get an idea of how they tissue is going to respond.  

I hope that helps and wish you the very best!

Less rippling with Inspira implants

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Allergan's Inspira implants have a higher fill volume and are less likely to show ripples than style 10/15/20. Sientra's styles 106 and 107 similarly have higher fill. In general, the bigger you go the more likely the tissues around the implant will thin and show more ripples, so be careful with choosing the size.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Inspira Implants

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Inspira implants are more completely filled and thus less likely to ripple.  Placing the implant under the chest muscle will also decrease the change of visible rippling.

John L. Burns Jr., MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Rippling is complex

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Some implant types can be less likely to show visible rippling than others.  Other factors also play a role, body habitus, breast shape and size vs implant size are all important factors.  Likewise the correct size implant is a complex maze for you to balance your size goals with your competition goals.  Consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon can answer your questions more effectively.

Gary W. Cox, MD
Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon
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Is Natrelle Inspira less likely to ripple?

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Thank you for your question and photographs.  The major difference in the Inspira implants compared to the natrelle style 15 is in the amount of "fill" of silicone gel within the implant.  The Inspira has a higher fill, slightly firmer texture, and a lower propensity to ripple, especially in particularly thin women.  Selection of an appropriate implant size is best done with an in-person examination and measurement of key breast parameters, but overall I would say that 286 is likely a bit small to reach your goals.  Hope that this helps. 

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Is Natrelle Inspira less likely to ripple? (Photo)

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I never guarantee that there will no ripples.. As fir size best to try on implant sizers before you decide on a size...

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