How Soon Can Implants Be Removed after surgery? (photos)

I am only a week post-op (500/525cc saline unders) and Im already thinking about and even researching the explant procedure. I feel like I made the worst decision of my life and I just want my natural body back. It has nothing to do with healing or the way they look/feel now. I've seen some people mention buyers remorse and even adjusting psychologically but I don't think this is the case with me. Is it too soon to have the implants removed? Also is removing them sooner better to avoid major sagging?

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Implant removal after one week

I am sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction.  I would however suggest that you wait a minimum of 3 months to allow your body and tissues to fully heal prior to undergoing another surgery.  Best of luck to you

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How Soon Can Implants Be Removed after surgery?

I am sorry to hear about your concerns after breast augmentation surgery.  Many patients can be emotionally undecided and feel it was not the correct decision.    I would avoid making any important decisions, such as having the breast implants removed without giving yourself some time to get acclimated to your new body image. I would recommend at least two to three months before removal.  Good luck.

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I am so sorry you feel that you want to remove your implants so soon after surgery. However, I do recommend giving yourself time to heal first and let the implants settle and your tissue adjust. You may decide that you really do love them once they settle. A second surgery so soon after the first surgery does carry increased risks. Also, you have not given yourself time to adjust to your new body image. Please discuss any concerns with your surgeon.

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Implant Removal

I'm sorry that you are already feeling like you would like to have your implants removed.  I have had patients  with similar feeling as well.  I typically urge them to wait till they are at least 3 months out before having them removed.  The main reason for this is to ensure that they don't regret taking them out too soon.  In the strictest sense, you could have the implants removed whenever you are ready to proceed.  Best of luck with your decision.  

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Breast Implant Removal

It is uncommon for patients to remove breast implants after one week.  It takes several weeks for the breast implants to adjust to the pocket.  If you are experiencing some buyers remorse then please give your breast time to heal and look natural.  Talk to your surgeon about your desire to explant and get his or her opinion. Many clients comment at the first weeks that they may be larger than expected but change their minds and outlook as they they see changes in the look and feel of the implants.  You will not experience any saggy skin by removing them now or in a few months.

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How Soon Can Implants Be Removed after surgery?

I am sorry to hear about your concerns after breast augmentation surgery.  It is not unusual for patients to have very significant emotional “ups and downs” around the time of surgery. I would caution you to avoid making any important decisions, such as having the breast implants removed. There is minimal, to no downside, in allowing yourself a few months (to physically and psychologically “adapt”) to the new body image.
If you are 100% certain that you want them removed then I would suggest you discussing this with your surgeon.
Best wishes.

How Soon Can Implants Be Removed after surgery?

Technically speaking they can be removed at any point however it is best to wait a few months to make sure this is why you really want. You probably spent a lot of time and effort preparing for the augmentation because it was something you really wanted. It's very common to get depressed early after surgery and forget why you got implants in the first place. You would hate to rush into an explantation and then regret that! Hope that helps! 

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Not too early, but ask around

In my practice this has only happened once--in 18 years--because I spend a long time talking to patients about size and their expectations. In my opinion you have very large implants. If your a large girl you may end up liking them. I am 6 feet tall and wouldn't want that large an implant.  If not to remove your implants should be easy, quite honestly I would deflate them and remove them with a local anesthesia.  I am sorry you are having to go through this, Jane.

How Soon Can Implants Be Removed after surgery?

It is best to discuss your concerns and options for removing the implants with your PS. Some prefer their patients wait at least a minimum of 3 months before deciding whether or not to remove the implants. Initially after surgery it is common for patients to go through a rollercoaster of emotions. If you still feel like you made the wrong decision of getting implants then you should speak to your PS about your options for explanting. Best of Luck!

Michael E. Ciaravino, MD
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Removing implants a week after surgery

Thank you for asking about your breast implant removal.

  • If you are absolutely certain you do not want your implants, it is never too early to have them removed.
  • You have large implants - they will go down about a cup size over the next 6 months as swelling subsides.
  • Whatever your reason - and it is yours to make, not anyone else's - you can have them out.
  • Your surgeon will probably want to talk this over with you to be sure it's the right decision -
  • But it's your body - and you are the one who decides if and when implants are placed or removed.
  • Yes - although implants stretch the breasts from the start, the sooner they are removed, the more likely the skin and breast tissue bounces back.
  •  I had a patient years ago who had large implants and within a week, wanted them out - just like you.
  • I removed them after a thorough discussion - and it was the right decision for her. 
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Hope you find this information helpful. Best wishes.

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