Dark tone around my mouth, how can I reduce the darkness other than bleaching creams that haven't worked before? (photos)

Ive had the area around my mouth look like a five oclock shadow, i dont shave ! Ive tried hidroquinone and still not results. I have pcis so dont know if thats also a result of that since my neck and knees are a bit dark too, and o its not a hygiene problem since i shower everyday.

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Skin lightening

Hi thanks to share your pic.you have an uneven skin tone.to begin with get your hormonal assay worked up. then have  a good skin  care regime priming with topical retinoids followed by chemical peels suitable for your skin type will definitely lighten you complexion if undertaken in a supervised manner .it is mandatory to have sunprotection with sunscreen of spf 30  during your treatment .please do consult a board certified dermatologist and go ahead with the procedure,.

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