Will a Belly Button Revision Make my Stomach Look Better (Not Like I Had Work Done) and How Long Will It Take to Heal? (photo)

I had lazer lipo to fix my bulging scar and it made a mess of my stomach. I had to get a tummy tuck to fix the mess and then had to have it revised because the first surgeon did not do a good job. It now looks like I had work done and my belly button does not look deep enough. Will a belly button revision help it look more natural. I feel my belly button looks too small for my belly. I think it needs to be deeper. How long is the recovery time for a belly button revision?

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Revision of umbilicus will be difficult in this case.

Because of the aggressive liposuction there will be significant scarring around the navel and absence of subcutaneous fat in which to hide the new repair.

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Irregular contour to the anterior abdomen

Basically you have had all of the fat liposuctioned from you abdomen leaving your abdomen irregular and bumpy.  A revision of the umbilicus will be of no benefit.  I have had patients like this in the past and I have successfully used Alloderm as a patch over the abdomen to make it smooth again.   I am not sure if this is the problem that you are referring to.  

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Will a Belly Button Revision Make my Stomach Look Better

This is a 3-dimensional problem, hard to evaluated on photos alone. It would be helpful to know how long ago the TT was done. If recent, there may be residual swelling. The navel after TT always has a scar around the closure, and yours looks better than average. My worry would be getting a result that is less satisfactory than what you start with, but only an in person exam will be helpful in determining the best approach.

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Will umbilicoplasty help my belly?

Dear not satisfied,

Thank you for your question.  Thank you for your question.  I agree that your belly button doesn't look natural.  The shape can be changed with a umbilicoplasty to more of a vertical elongated or at least, wider shape, but to deepen the stalk, a revision abdominplasty needs to be done.  This is because the stalk is very short currently, and goes straigt back.   If a revision is performed, the direction of the stalk can be changed, thus deepening it.

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Pablo Prichard, MD

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