Acne is So Much Worse Day 17 on Accutane?

I know that before u get better u will get worse using accutane. Well I'm using 30mg/day I'm in the first mouth day 17 ,but my acne is so ,so much worse then it was when I started the treatment.. Will my IB heal.. I mean I can't even look in the mirror. Suggestions please? MALE , 15 , 155 pounds.

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Acne is worse on Accutane

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Yes, this happens at the beginning. Stick with it; it's the only way it will work. I know it sucks, I know it seems awful, but it's the actual pores changing and there is no way around it. Don't stop the medication - stick with it! You can try some topical acne medications along with the Accutane for this time period - consult your prescribing doctor - but be sure not to overuse them, as your skin is already dry and irritated.

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