I Have a Lot of Pockmarks on my Face. What is the Best Way to Remove Them? (Photo)

I am 21, female, from China. I broke out cysts 2 years ago and then they left behind indented scars on both of my cheeks. I need to find a way to remove them. What is the best way to treat this? Which country have the most advanced technology? I do not trust Chinese hospitals. I need some really useful advices. Thank you very much!

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Treating pock scars on face

You have quite significant acne scarring and should consult with a dermatologist about your treatment options. I would most likely suggest a fractionated laser such as the ProFractional laser. This will likely require 5-8 treatment, about 4-6 weeks apart. Deep chemical peels may also be an option, as well as some benefits from subcision or permanent fillers such as artesense. The scars would have to be closely examined and stretched out to see exactly which treatment is best for you. The goal is significant improvement and realistic expectations since the skin will unfortunately never be 100% perfect.

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Acne Scars

Dear Christina, You have very badly damaged skin from your acne.  From the photo it may still be active.  I advise my patients to first get the active inflammation under complete control.  Your skin doctors have many options, from topical, to antibiotics, to laser, and even Accutane.

Once quiet, we can then address the scars.  This can be very complicated, and each patient must be evaluated in order to determine the type of scar(s), and level/extent of damage.  From the evaluation, a custom-formulated plan will be provided to improve the topography of your skin.  Keep in mind every scar and skin type is different.  We can help some people more than others.  The key is to have the proper evaluation, and then determine the correct treatment approach.  You can read more about this on my website under the term Fasula.

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