I Have a Lot of Facial Hair That I Shave Every Day. Considering Laser Hair Removal, But Scared of Pain?

I get a lot of hair on my neck and corner of my top lip. I want to consider ipl or laser but I'm scared to death of the pain. I've had numerous blood and hormone tests and the drs just think its idiopathic hirstuism. Could someone let me know whats the most effective hair removal and a realistic account of pain levels and duration for treatments. The hair is dark and coarse

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Pain from laser hair removal

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The lip will be more sensitive than the neck, no doubt. It should not be unbearable. At worst it feels like a rubberband snap, no matter what hair removal system you use. This is because the hair follicles being treated are in fact exploding, so they can't create new hairs. Most people find the pain is worth the discomfort. Dark and course hair is best to treat and responds to treatments better, which ultimately means less overall treatments for you. In my office we give people a topical numbing cream and use a cold air chiller on them if they want. Both of these make it so you barely feel the hair removal systems. I have three different hair removal machines, so we can find one that works for each patient, or use a combination of therapies. Find an office that understands your fears and they should be able to give you treatment options to make you more comfortable. No one wants you to be in pain or find the treatments unbearable, so any office should be willing to find a way to make it tolerable for you.

Pain from laser hair removal

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Some patients may feel a slight discomfort with the laser pulse, sometimes described as the snapping of a rubber band on the skin. The degree of discomfort varies with each person, depending on your pain threshold. A topical anesthetic may also be requested based on individual preferences or tolerances as well as particular anatomic sites. This should be applied 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to treatment. We use the GentleMax laser by Candela and the discomfort is also minimized by their Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) technology where cryogen is sprayed onto the skin a fraction of a second before each laser pulse.

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
South Burlington Dermatologic Surgeon
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Laser hair removal

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If you are tired of ingrown hairs and irritation from waxing and shaving, laser hair removal offers freedom from unwanted facial and body hair. Now popular with both men and women, it is best suited for darker hair but new advances even allow reduction in gray or blonde hair. We recommend you to not be tan and to not wax or pluck your hair prior to the hair removal treatment. This way, our laser can penetrate deep and remove the hair from the root. The Light Sheer® laser is FDA approved for permanent hair removal for all skin types with little pain.

Michelle Copeland, MD, DMD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Laser Hair Removal for the face

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The ost effective lasers for hair removal are the Alexandrite laser for light to medium skin tones and the long pulsed nd yag  for dark skin tones. 
Lasers equipped with a dynamic cooling device provide a comfortable treatment. Any discomfort in over almost instantly. The minimal momentary discomfort will be worth the results

Michael Law, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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