I'm in a Lot of Pain After 9 Months Breast Implant, What Could be Causing this?

On may 3, 2011 I had a second breast surgery from my left hand side. Some times I'm on so much pain.This pain come and goes.I'm taking 800 milligrams of ibuprofen to feel better. Some times came from the back, some times is from my nipple and if I push it hurt a lot. I had a mammogram and sonogram on June 2011. It came clear. I went to doctor and he send me for MRI and x-rays.I don't feel anything hard or round when I check myself.Sometimes it is a weird pain like a contraction.I'm scared.

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Postoperative pain from a breast implant.

Having pain at 9 months is certainly uncommon. You mention this is your second operation - was this performed due to a previous contraction? Did you have this type of pain with the first implant? The first assumption would be that a capsular contracture is causing you discomfort. There are other possibilities as well including neuromas, pain syndromes, etc. It sounds as though your surgeon is addressing the problem appropriately.

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It depends

A complete history is needed to sort out your problem. In general, alot of pain 9 months after breast surgey is not a normal sign.  Typical causes are capsular contracture and infection, unless there was trauma.  You mentioned a mammogram performed 1 month postop.  That would have been very early and certainly could have caused some pain.

You should follow up with your surgeon or if he/she is not giving you the answers/reassurance you need, then consider a second opinion.

Good luck.

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Pain fo breasts

Often pain at this point is related to a capsular contracture, however it really can be almost anything. Following closely with your surgeon is important.

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