I Have Lost Weight and Now Have Saggy Abdominial Skin. I'm 60 W/COPD is Lipo an Option for Me?

My abdomen has saggy skin along C-section scars, and I have lost weight. Being 60 with COPD is skin tightening/removal and lipo an option? I know general anesthesia is risky for me, but what about local anesthesia?

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Medical Clearance before Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery can only be considered after full medical clearance is done.  Your health status would need to be carefully outlined.  You may not make the cut.   If no  big surgery other things could be done possibly.   A small excision of abdominal skin and a small liposuction may or may not be ok.  Medical clearance first.   There are several medical conditions which basically prohibit cosmetic surgery.   These include COPD, Heart arrhythmia,  blood thinners,  Coumadin, Plavix, kidney disease, aggressive cancer, strokes, Alzheimer,  to mention a few.  When surgery cannot be done there are many options.   BrandMD has lovely preparations for the skin that works well.  Much can be done with Juvederm ,including the liquid facelift.  Botox is a great and simple choice for many wrinkles and lines.  There are other tricks.   We do not let those with illness down and there is much we can do in a safe manner.  My Best   Dr C

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Surgery risks

You should get a pre operative evaluation by your pulmonologist to see exactly how severe your COPD is and if you can go through the surgery.  At your age and with your history, if you do get a tummy tuck,  it might be best not to have any muscle tightening done.

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