Lost a little weight and need to get rid of excess skin, smile lines, etc. What are my options? (photo)

I am turning 30 this year and recently lost a fairly significant amount of weight (from approximately 117 to 100), enhancing my already noticeable masculine bone structure, as well giving me excess skin in my lower face and creating more smile lines. When I pull the skin back, that's exactly how I want to look. Would a mini-facelift or fillers (ick) be my best bet? This is causing me a lot of anxiety and I am far more cognizant of when I am smiling and usually stop when I realize it. :(

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Lost weight and need to get rid of excess skin and smile lines. What are my options?

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You can consider fillers for your smile lines first. If you are not satisfied with fillers, you may consider a mid face lift or procedure which will reduce improve your nasolabial folds.

Washington Facial Plastic Surgeon

Smile lines

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There's not a lot you can do about lines that appear when you animate your face. The skin creases above the muscle when the muscle moves. Now around the eyes we can use botox or dysport but you cant use this on the cheeks or you would look like you've had a stroke. If you had a facelift the skin will still crease when you smile no matter how tightly you are pulled. What you have is totally normal. Use good skin care products and protect your skin, it's about all you can do.

Lost a little weight and need to get rid of excess skin, smile lines, etc. What are my options? (

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Yes, you can tighten the skin a bit.  I would like you to focus for a minute on your cheek area.  When you are not smiling, adding a bit of volume to your cheeks (in addition to the skin tightening) would make you look very
soft, and feminine!  You will never completely lose your laugh lines with a facelift...nor should you! 

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Smile lines

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This is always a tough question to answer.  Fillers are only temporary and ask yourself, why do I have these lines.these are dynamic lines created by my smiling.You don't want to give up your smile so I think a minilft with some skin care will be the best for you and give you a longer lasting result.

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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