Lost of Upper Lip Movement After Ulthera?

My face gets swollen and numb after Ulthera last week. Despite the swelling is subsiding, I cannot elevate my upper lid. Do you know the reason why? Am I going to have my sensation and upper lid movement back? If yes, how long do you think? Thank you so much!

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Ultherap Treatment Around the Mouth

The corners of the mouth and jaw line should be treated gingerly and at lower energy levels to avoid nerve injury or irritation. If you feel inordinate or excessive pain during treatments in these areas, let the provider know so that treatment is discontinued and or the energy level is reduced to prevent nerve injury. 

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Upper lip movement after Ulthera

Ultherapy affects the deep structure of the face and neck. Due to how deep the energy penetrates there are target areas such as around the mouth that should be done with caution. Ulthera has made a transducer recently that is safe for the mouth area but I am not sure that is was used for your treatment. If any of your sensory nerves were treated with Ulthera you will have a temporary paralysis with numbness. It can feel very similar to being treated with Botox. Temporary is the key word! It will generally resolves within the first couple weeks following the treatment. Areas such as the brows and jawline are other areas that commonly can have a similar affect. 

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