Lost a Tray, 4 Days Away - One Time Only Putting in Next Tray 4 Days Early

I fear I may have accidentally thrown away a tray, I am 4 days away from changing trays. I have never tried to speed up treatment but in this case I am wondering if its ok to do it just once instead of putting the old old tray back in and waiting for them to make me a new set. Would I risk reabsorbtion if I do this once? As I said I am 10 days into this tray that I lost. I am not interested in making this a habbit, but since I lost my tray and seem almost done... Thanks for your advice

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Best beat when you loose an Invisalign tray

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Short answer: call you doc

Long answer: It is likely fine. That said there can be many reason it would not be ok. Likely if there were any big reasons not to then you would be aware of them if you doc is properly educated you on the process.

Most important thing for you to be 110% sure of it that before you lost the tray each and every tooth was "flush". Meaning that each tooth was completely filling the tray and there were not visible gaps between the tooth and the tray.

If this is the case, moving ahead in your trays once a few days early should be fine.

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