I Lost my Top Retainers and my Bottom Retainers Were Improperly Made.

because the bottom ones were not made correctly, they put in a whiteish gel stuff that hardened and it filled that spot for a while. but that bit fell off and is cutting into my gums. should i just get my entire retainer set remade?

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New retainers or NOT

It it difficult to not make retainers "properly" they may have had a week spot that required a repair. It is difficult to make a comfortable retainer that isn't to thick and one that is thin and strong. Sounds like your was maybe too thin and get a crack then a repair.


!) I would talk to you doc. Remind then that these are your original retainers(the first retainer is always the best retainer) and that at #? month you had to have them repair a crack.

If a repair didn't last, I would refund the cost of the repair (if charged) and offer to have a specialty laboratory repair with it and "reenforce" it. The retainer will be thicker and strong.

2) You have to get a new upper, so if you think you want a lower have both impression taken the same day. And start fresh.


The only reason I say the first set are the best set is because they were made from a model of how your teeth were the day your braces were removed. Since then you teeth have settle and likely shifted some. SOOO the new retainer will be made from where your teeth are now. So get in soon, if you are not wearing them or able.

Chesterfield Orthodontist

Lost and ill-fitting retainers

There are so many different types of retainers post-orthodontic care, that it would be impossible to answer this question without seeing them both in and out of your mouth. My best advice is to see your orthodontist and get his advice.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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