Lost Invisalign on Day 10 out of 14?

I went through 5 trays of invisalign (I had very minimal problems) and then I got 5 more refinement trays. I'm on tray 1 out of 5 and on the 10th day (today is the 11th) I lost my current set. I am 3 days away from when I am supposed to change to refinement tray #2. I haven't been wearing by invisalign for about 20 hours now because I have been looking for them. I tried the next tray on to see how it feels and it had no more pressure than any other regular timed tray. Would it be okay to use it?

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Lost invisalign tray, what to do

It sounds like you have worn it enough to be able to switch into the next tray.  If you are concerned I would call your dentist and get an opinion from them

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Move on to next tray

If you are over a week into a set, then you should be fine to move on to the next set.  If you were 3 days in, I would suggest calling the office and having them make another tray.  In the meantime, drop back to the previous set and stay in a "holding pattern".  Should take a few weeks to get the new one.

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