Lost Invisalign Brace - Harm from Starting on Next Brace?

I am into the 8th day of wearing my first invisalign brace, however I have carelessly lost it already. It is Friday eve and my dentist will not be open until Monday. Would I do more harnm than good if I start on Invisalign Brace No2 now?

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Invisalign can have some "cheats"

As a rule, if you are beyond one week with an aligner, you could move to the second one.  Don't do this for every aligner, as retention tends to be more unpredictable, but good to know in a pinch.

If you were only 2-3 days in, then go back to the previous aligner and tell the dentist office.  Another aligner can be made to replace the missing one for a small fee.

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