Lost facial feeling on the right cheek and lip after zygoma reduction. Will I permanently lose the feeling?

I had zygoma reduction 2 weeks ago, but I noticed I lose feeling on the right cheek(like an upside down triangular area below the right eye and next to nose) and upper right lip,after 2 weeks I still cant feel anything, when I touch the area is like touching a balloon I am a bit scared now, will I permanently lose the feeling?And I had the small titanium plates to hold the breaking zygoma arches toghther,is it better to take the plates out once the breaking bones grows back together?

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Numbness after zygoma reduction

The nerve affected by your zygoma reduction is the infra-orbital nerve. It is near your surgery and is probably malfunctioning because of swelling. Feeling is likely to slowly return over 3-9 months.

Titanium plates can be removed once the bone heals. Unless you can feel them, there is not need to do so. 

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Be patient!

Numbness after such significant surgery is common, and can take 3-6 months to improve, so be patient with the healing process.  The plates can stay in unless you are having problems with them (e.g. they are palpable)

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