Normal swelling, early capsular contracture or seroma?

Had submuscular breast revision 4 weeks ago with saline implants .I went to a party two days ago and danced for 20 min . My left breast is now swollen with muscle spasms but no pain . I started taking advil but it's helping with the swelling is this normal ?

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Normal swelling, early capsular contracture or seroma?

Thank you for your question.   

It would be too early for a capsular contracture.   Hematomas are rare after the 2 week post-op period.  Most likely it is swelling due to the activity.   

I recommend seeing your surgeon for an examination and possible ultrasound of the breast.   

Good luck.

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Implant swelling

You should discuss with your surgeon.  Your swelling may be normal, but if it is only on one side, it could represent a hematoma and, if so, may require evacuation in the operating room.  

Jeffrey D. Wagner, MD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Seroma post breaast augmentation

Unusual to have a lot of swelling after surgery on one side. It is possible a blood vessel burst, sealed and the fluid will be absorbed. Best to see your plastic surgeon to be examined. There is a blunt cannula that can be used to aspirate (remove) the fluid. Seroma is more common in textured implants. Good luck...

Larry Weinstein, MD
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