I've Lost Aligner 11? What Shall I Do?

Hi, Please can you help me? I am half way through (1 x week) into aligner 11 when the cleaners at work accidentally through it out. My dentist has told me to use aligner 12 but it's incredibly painful. I have seen on teh website that there are detrimental effects to bone loss from wearing the aligner too soon. I also have the added issue that I sufered from periodental issues in the past and have bone loss as a result, so i am very wary about causing any further issues. Plaese can you advise?

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Lost Aligner

Go back to your previos tray and notify your dentist immediately. He will eitherbreorder or determine if you can skip to the next tray

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What to do if you lose an Invisalign aligner prematurely

The ideal thing to do in your situation would be to go back to Aligner #10 (which you should have kept), and have your dentist order a replacement aligner #11. Wear #10 until the new aligner #11 arrives, and then continue your normal progress. You really have to be cautious about putting too much force prematurely on teeth that have periodontal bone loss. Excess pressure can result in further bone loss!

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