I Lost 100Lbs Through Exercise, Now I Have Extra Skin and Some Stubborn Bit of Fat That Just Won't Go! What Should I Do? (photo)

Long version: I wanted to join the USMC, but I was 100 lbs over weight. 300 lbs shipping weight was 206. Well, now that I've been in a while, my commands started hassling me because I tend to naturally sit a little heavier than my "max weight" the USMC says I can weigh. I'm in decent shape, I just have unsightly extra skin (will include pics), and its causing me a lot of stress and grief/worry. What procedures do you think would be best for my situation?

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Procedure for tummy

Based on your photo, if you have excess skin in your anterior abdominal wall, then you may be a good candidate for a tummy tuck procedure.  Please visit with a board certified PS in your area to learn more about your options.


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What To Do With Extra Skin and Stubborn Fat That Just Won't Go Away After Loosing 100 Pounds After Exercising

Havelock NC, From your photos it appears that you would greatly benefit from an abdominoplasty. Without the abdominal wall tightening almost always necessary in women who have had children. You would have a long curved scar in your lower abdomen extending out to your flanks. Recovery ought to only take about a month.

Howard N. Robinson, MD (retired)
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Skin Only Mini-Tummy Tuck To Remove Redundant Abdominal Skin

Excess abdominal skin can be excised to remove the skin redundancy visible in your pictures. This would not be a full abdominoplasty, but rather a skin-only excision. This would  leave you with a transverse scar, which would be placed so that it lies below the elastic band of your underwear. Liposuction could also be performed concomitantly, if there is additional subcutaneous fat you would like removed. The bottom line is: take heart-there are things that can be done to help you.

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