Loss of Volume in Face. Skinny, High Metabolism. Premature Aging Due to Overeating?

I've always looked a lot younger than my age, I'm 21 next week. Lost a lot of fat on my face & volume on my cheekbones quite suddenly- now I look 22, 23- due to overeating?? I've been seriously overeating for the last 4/5 months without even realising it, it seems natural to me to eat a lot when I do. In this time I've matured a lot. My skin doesn't glow the same anymore. Overeating really significantly cause you to age prematurely? My skin looks older & I've lost a lot of volume in my cheeks.

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Diet and the Skin

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It is well known that a healthy diet helps keep the skin young - things like antioxidants, vitamin C, alpha lipoic acid are super for the skin - so, it is not just overeating, but eating the right things. If your appetite has increased and you are gaining a lot more weight than you would like, see a weight specialist or endocrinologist.


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I would see an endocrinologist, a doctor who would take a history and draw bloods to see if you have a hormonal problem.

Vicki J. Levine, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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