Will This Loss of Range of Motion (Side to Side and Especially Not Able to Look Up) Go Away?

I am 17 days post-op from a neck lift with liposuction. I am a healthy 47 year old. I feel like I am constantly being strangled. I can barely look up and have very tender area around my Adams apple with small , hard bumps. My result is not that different, I am still swollen on both sides of my neck and my jawline is uneven the left side also seems swollen. My biggest concern is both this feeling of being strangled and my loss of motion. Is this "normal" and if it is how long til it goes away?

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Neck Lift and Recovery. Swelling after neck or face surgery.

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Yes, your feelings are normal.

Recovery from a neck lift or facelift includes bruising and swelling. It's common to have a tight feeling and some loss of motion. This will go away with time. Rest and relax and keep your head elevated. These will help recovery.

Abnormal sensations after surgery are frequent. They are called paresthesias. They will go away. This probably acconts for the feeling of strangling. The feelings can also be electric shock, stabbing pain, buzzing, burning, tingling, and other weird sensations. They go away!

The other concerns you have are over result. Neck lift result and facelift result take time to allow for swelling to go away. Give it time. You will probably like it more after swelling resolves.

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