Loss of Nipple Sensation After Reduction/lift and No Pain in That Breast Upon Healing?

I had what I hoped was a breast reduction (and not just a lift) 15 weeks ago. But my doctor took out only 73 grams from my right and only 96 grams from my left. Upon healing, my right breast has consistently given me minor reminders that it underwent trauma and is healing. The nipple has all sensitivity. But my left breast has never since day one seemed to "wake up" from the procedure, and my nipple has no sensitivity. It's like it's in a coma. I'm now worried. Is sensation likely to return?

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Sensation after breast surgery

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Dyesthesia or numbness can happen after breast surgery and usualy this gets better with time. Some sensation can take up to a year to improve, but some may nefver get sensation back.

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Nipple Sensation After Breast Reduction

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It is possible to have permanent loss of nipple sensation following any type of breast surgery.  I personally see this <5% of the time following breast reductions.  At 15 weeks post-op it is a bit early to determine whether or not sensation will return to your involved nipple.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
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