Loss of Fullness Under Eyes

I am 45, male, and play high level tennis. I have noticed a gradual skin sinking (less fullness) under one eye than the other & lower nose area. Will fat transfer not last as long since I play tennis? I am temporarily in Florida's humid conditions which accelerate the appearance.

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Lower lid hollowness

The hollowness in the lower lid is not unusual. However you need to consult a Plastic surgeon to make sure that this is only lid problem and not loss of fat in that side of the face.

Fat injection done by an expert injector in fat transfer is the gold standard.

You ay start with hyaluronic acid to see the result and see if you like it. Tennis and humidity has no role to play in this

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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HA filler to the rescue

A lot of people believe in fat. Let's move the fat from one place and let's put it in another. It works, however it is time consuming, unpredictable and may require multiple treatments with some downtime given risk of swelling.

A simple less viscous HA filler can be injected in that area. Unfortunately, most of those are found in places other than the USA, though their siblings are FDA approved.

Restylane Fine Lines or Juvederm Ultra 2 maybe used, though it is preferable to use the latter given the chance of causing a bluish hue much less.

Fat is great, but fat is better off than on.

Hassan Galadari, MD
Dubai Dermatologist

Correcting Loss of Fullness under the Eyes / Deepening of the Tear Trough Area

All faces are asymmetric and as a result so is aging. The area you are referring to is the valley between the convexity of the lower lid and the downward shifting convexity of the cheek which is referred to as the Tear Trough or Nasojugal area.

The fact that there are so many suggested treatments for this area should lead you to understand that not all treatments are equal and some are better than others, especially in certain patients and conditions.

Short of lifting the sagging cheek (Mid Face lift of which there are several techniques) to cover the Tear Trough valley, one is left with filling options. When fat grafting to this area works, it works well. but it it fails or partially works and leaves palpable lumps it is very disappointing. The vast majority of these depressions and hollowing can be filled nicely with DEEP placement of Restylane.

I would advise you to only get it done by a Plastic surgeon NOT an "injector" or aesthetician. If you read the multiple postings on this website complaining of puffiness and bluishness you will readily understand.

Good Luck with you Tennis.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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Fat atrophy of lower eyelid skin

FAt injections are somewhat controversial in this region. Bruising and swelling could keep you off the court for as much as two weeks. You should see a board certified plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon or dermatologist expert in treating this area for an in-person examination and consultation.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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