I Need Someone to Tell Me if Loss of Flexibility is Normal for a Thigh and Buttock Lift?

I am an athletic 59 year old woman and exercising is part of who I am, what I o along with gardening, biking, yoga, Pilates etc. I can't do any of those things and I am 4 months PO LBL, spiral thigh lift, mini TT, fat grafting. I was never told loss of your flexibility was a side effect of these surgeries. What can I do? I was told by my dr. That it was a trade off. If I try to stretch it out I will just get saggy and cellulite all over again.

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Loss of flexibility

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An exam is needed to answer your questions.
It is possible that in your tummy tuck, lower back lift and spiral thigh lift that your surgeon removed and tightened so much tissue that there is no stretch left.
It is also possible that 4 months after surgery, your tissues are still swollen and stretching exercises
will improve your flexibility over time.

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