Loss of Feeling After Vaser Lipo?

Good day. I had vaser lipo on my love handles exactly 3 months ago. The swelling is about 70% gone but the area has no feeling at all. The skin is completely dead and has turned a dark colour and become scaly despite daily moisturizing. The surgeon said that discoloration is common in patients of colour but I am also worried sensation may never return or that it could spread. Please advise.

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Nerves regenerated really slowly don’t lose hope on getting your feeling back. If you’re feeling itchiness or creepy crawly it’s the nerves growing back. You can take Allergy meds to help with the symptoms. You can get deep tissue message to help the nerves and scar tissue break done. Give it at least 1 year to get final results.



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Lack of sensation after Liposuction

generally, there is always some decreased sensation in the area of liposuction regardless of the technology used. The discoloration may be due to the heat generated from the VASER probe placed just under the skin. The decreased sensation is unlikely to "spread" and will most likely gradually resolve as you have re-innervation of the skin over the next 3-6 months. Sometimes, tactile stimulation such as daily massages help expedite return of sensation. Talk to your surgeon about the best course of action. 

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