Does Applying Pressure to Nose to Drain Scar Tissue Sound Normal?

Hi. I had my first rhinoplasty in Montreal 4 yrs ago to remove a bump on the bridge. 2 revisions later, scar tissue keeps growing back and is making my nose round and deformed in the supratip area. My Dr. told me yesterday to put pressure on my nose with my fingers regularly to drain out scar tissue. Does this seems right? The procedure is painful. I am 2 months post of after my 2nd revision and he does not want to use kenalog. Should I follow his instructions or seek another surgeon's advice?

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Scar after repeat rhinoplasty can be tough to treat

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Each rhinoplasty brings on some scar tissue, and repeated procedures can build up a significant amount.  In general, treatment and prevention of scar in the supra tip region include:

  1. Pressure and massage in the first few weeks/month, aided by vit. E
  2. Steroid injections - small amounts over time

Scar buildup in redo rhinoplasty will resolve very slowly and it will take six to nine months to reach any level of softness.

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