Children Losing Invisalign Tray After Two Weeks

Children can easily lose that small clear tray. What generally happens if the Invisalign trays are lost after two weeks? Will there any be significant effect to the progress of Invisalign while the trays are not worn?

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Invisalign Teen product provides up to 6 free replacements

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As mentioned, always keep the previous tray so that it can be worn in case a tray is lost or broken. The teeth will definitely shift and may prolong your course of treatment. There is generally a cost to replaced a tray with the traditional Invisalign program. With Invisalign Teen, there are up to 6 free sets of trays included in the product. Call your orthodontist or dentist as soon as possible if replacement is required.

Toronto Orthodontist

Use previous tray to hold the place

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If an invisalign tray is lost, make sure the previous tray is placed to hold the teeth in place untill a new aligner is made. Typicaly the turn around to get a new tray is a few days. If the tray was lost within a day or two before the next taligner is to be placed your doctor can determine if going to the next aligner will work.

Ryan Sellinger, DMD
Manhattan Dentist

Loss of tray call your dentist asap to order new one

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A replacement tray can be ordered for the lost tray. It is best to call the dentist immediately so not much time passes. In the meantime I have my patients wear the tray before the lost one to hold the teeth in place while waiting for the new tray.

Jennifer Jablow, DDS
New York Dentist

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