Losing Hair on Head After 7 IPL Treatments, Had Lots of Facial Swelling and Blisters, Is this Permanent?

I had 7 IPL treatments...I was "zapped" quite a lot each time... I would have lots of facial swelling and a couple of times there were blisters...Within a couple of weeks, my hair starting falling out...Now, I can visibly see the thinning on top... Is it possible for your hair to fall out... But more importantly, will it grow back...

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Hair Falling Out After IPL?

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Hi SS.  Are you stating that your hair is falling out in an area that is separate from the treatment area?  An IPL treatment would only cause you to lose hair if you were being treated in that area for laser hair removal.  You would not lose hair in a separate area because of the IPL.

By the way, the person doing your treatments should not be blistering you during the treatment.  You should find another practitioner as this is not the desired outcome.

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