Losing Drastic Weight After Explant? No Period Now?

ive lost about 20 lbs since i got my implants last october (i was about 140-145 and now im 120) out and i no longer have a period. i havent had one for about 5 months. i eat i just dont gain anything. is this a long term problem? should i see a doctor?im moderatly worried becuase no period means no babies and id like to get pregnant in the next year or 2.

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Unexplained weight loss after implant removal

Any unexplained weight loss is serious medical business. Be sure to get in to see your family doctor right away.

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Losing Drastic Weight After Explant? No Period Now?

This is not normal, and you should see your physician for an evaluation. Without additional information, an examination and testing, I doubt any of the online consultants can offer much beyond urging you to see your doctor.

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