Do I Have to Lose Weight Before Getting a Tummy Tuck?

I have a very big stomach...Its hard for me to lose weight but am trying...

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Tummy tuck and preop weight loss

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Short answer.. you do not have to lose weight prior to tummy tuck as long as you are healthy enough for the surgery.

Longer answer.... Where you start with your weight affects the end result greatly.  If you are highly overweight, ie BMI greater than 30, you are not going to have flat abdoman after a tummy tuck.  You will get some imrovement, and decrease the overhanging skin at you belt line, but you will still have a large belly.

If these are you expectaions, it is not unreasonable to procede with surgery.  Obese patients are also at higher risk of complications after surgery.   I usually will not do a surgery on someone  with a BMI greater than 35 and absolutely will not do a tummy tuck on someone with BMI greater than 40.

If you want a flat belly, you need to lose weight.

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Losing weight before a Tummy Tuck...

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From your statement, it hard to determine how much weight you would have to lose without seeing you first. In general, it is best to lose as much weight as possible before your surgery.  Then if you are a candidate for a tummy tuck, the most skin possible can be removed which will give the best results.  Often times, liposuction in combination with a Tummy Tuck can give optimal results.  Be sure to see a board certified plastic surgeon to determine which procedure in best for you.

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