Is It Best to Lose Weight Before Having a Juvederm Treatment?

I'm worried if i lose weight after this treatment my face will look uneven.

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Fillers and weight loss

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Fillers can be done anytime. However you may notice with weight loss after treatment that you may need more product as the facial volume decrease as well with the weight loss.

Fillers can be done before weight loss

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Chances are, that if you have fillers now, and then lose weight, you might need to add more filler rather than taking away some. As it's easy to add more, there is no reason to avoid having the fillers now provided the physician you see agrees that you are a candidate.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Ideal Weight for Plastic Surgery Procedures

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My best advice it to have surgery or procedures at your normal weight.  Trying to loose weight for a procedure is most often unsuccessful in the long term since you will likely go back to whatever your normal weight is anyway.  Good luck.

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