Is it best to lose weight before having fat grafting and lipo?

I'm 5'6 194 and I'm getting a bbl with lipo of the full back and belly and tummy tuck. Should I lose weight if I want the tiny waist I once had prior to pregnancies?

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Weight loss

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Thank you for the question.

Normally it's best when your weight is that high to loose the weight to optimize results. How ever after weight loss, the skin laxity can present itself because of the fat mass will be less and if this happens, it would be better to have a tummy tuck to remove the excess skin and end up with a flat a abdomen and great results.

Dr. Campos

Losing weight before body contouring

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With your height and weight you would want to lose weight higher to significant body contouring. It decreases risks and helps optimize result. You would want your BMI to be 30 or less prior to surgery. There are many websites which will help you calculate your BMI.

For Fat Grafting, best to be at your comfortable weight.

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Different fat cells in your body store fat at different rates. 
In order to have your most predictable result it is better to be at a stable weight where you feel comfortable.
The reason is that if you gain or lose a lot of weight after surgery it may change the way the way your body looked after the procedure.

Check out the video below for a an idea as to what happens with weight loss. 
The link below talks about minimizing scars when combining Tummy Tuck with Brazilian Butt Lift.
Hope this helps!

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Best to lose weight first before figure enhancing surgery

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It is always better to get down to your desired weight first before doing any type of figure enhancing surgery.  You will obtain a more realistic and permanent result.  Liposuction is a shape changing procedure not a weight loss procedure.

BBL and weight loss

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I think that it  is best to lose weight down to your goal weight if possible prior to your BBL, I like to stage it, if you are thinking of having a tummy tuck.

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