Can I Lose Weight Once I'm Back into my Gym Routine, As Well As Maintaining my Healthy Diet?

Can I lose weight after lipo? I had my procedure yesterday and wanted to know once I'm in my gym routine, will I be able to lose weight as the months and years go on? Of course, I follow a healthy diet too. What can I expect long term (in the coming months/years) in regards to losing weight after my lipo?

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Weight loss after liposuction

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There is no reason why, with a careful diet and exercise, you cannot maintain an acceptable weight or lose weight after liposuction surgery. Follow your plastic surgeon's instructions on when to resume exercise and keep up the good work!

Weight loss after lipo?

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Surgeons love to have patients like you. The ideal patient for liposuction is someone who can maintain his or her weight after the  procedure. However, losing an additional few pounds will make your results even more impressive and look best for you, and of course, your surgeon. Over time, the result will be even better, but you'll appreciate.

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