Unable Lose More Weight After Gastric Bypass?

I had a Gastric bypass in July 2006. I only lost about 60 lbs and stopped. I have gained about 30lbs. I dieted and worked out but got no more weight loss. I had anastomosis after the procedure and they ballooned my stomach. Could this be a part of the reason why I failed to reach my ideal weight?

I have started on a 1500 calorie a day diet with 45mins of walking 5 days per week. I am so discouraged and I am not loosing weight. I only lost 4lbs in a month. I have had my thyroid tested, I have been tested for PCOS all have come back negative. Help I am very depressed.

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Weight gain after gastric bypass

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Unfortunately you are not alone.  This is not uncommon after gastric bypass surgery.  Over time the gastric pouch and stoma enlarge and you can eat more.  There are options to help you.  The best option is placement of a Lap-band over your gastric bypass.  We have had great results with this procedure.  The other option is a ROSE procedure to endoscopically tighten the stoma or connection between the stomach pouch and intestine.  I recommend you seek out a very experienced bariatric revision surgeon like myself.

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