How to Lose Extra Breast Fat when You Have Breast Implants?

Im 28, I have 550cc saline mentor implants, under the muscle. I want to lose some of my natural breast fat. TRUST ME IM ADDICTED TO CARDIO, and ALSO use my elliptical 5 days a week. Unfortunately, I DID go too big with my implants, and am wondering if there are excercises that will help to lose the natural breast tissue, IN HOPES that my chest size will SHRINK if that is at all possible. I coach cheerleading and feel like Im carrying around two bowling balls...PLEASE HELP!

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How to Lose Extra Breast Fat when You Have Breast Implants?

it sounds as if you would bebetter served downsizing your implants. REmoving excess fat, which could be accomplished with liposuction, from your breasts will only make the "bowling balls" more obvious and possibly cuase visibility of rippling

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Breasts and exercise

If your breast are mostly glandular tissue, then exercise will not diminish them in size.  Fatty breasts will go down in size when you lose weight.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast size concerns

It would probably be best for you to see your original board certified plastic surgeon. He or she will be familiar with your anatomy and can discuss your concerns with you and make solid recommendations. As far as "shrinking" your chest with cardio, it's not likely you'll see major improvement. All women have a unique combination of breast and fatty tissue. If you have more fatty than breast tissue, you may see some improvement with exercise, but if you have mostly breast tissue, this is not likely. Again, your best bet is to see your surgeon.

Deason Dunagan, MD
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Breast concerns

You could have liposuction of your breasts if they are fatty tissue rather than fibrous. Also, if you have saline implants, it is relatively easy to decrease their size.

Edward J. Domanskis, MD
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