How to Lose a Double Chin and Neck Flab

I am looking for a non-surgical, long term solution to slim down and tighten my chin and neck. Any ideas?

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Get rid of a double chin with laser lipo

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There are new exciting laser non surgical methods for removal of a double chin. The 924nm and combination 924/975nm laser wavelengths can melt neck fat and tighten chin skin without surgical incisions and a surgical neck lift.

Results can be stunning, see How to Lose Your Double Chin.

Dr. Seckel

Chin Neck Liposuction

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Cervical / submandibular liposuction North Carolina
Some individuals have 'sagging' necks primarily due to fat accumulation below the jawbone (mandible). In some cases, liposuction alone can significantly improve the neck appearance. Liposuction is also frequently combined with surgical neck rejuvenation, and in selected cases some direct excision of fat (through a hidden incision below the chin) is performed. The reduction of fat in the area below the jawline and in the anterior neck almost always makes the neck appear longer, and makes the patient's profile appear more elegant or refined.
Michael Law MD
Raleigh, North Carolina

Michael Law, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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Getting rid of double chins with liposuction is an easy procedure to undergo

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Liposuction of the double chins areas do great under local anesthesia and has a quick recovery time with minimal bruising.  Cost is roughly $2500 and is so easy to undergo.

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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There are many options, such as losing weight

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There are many options such as losing weight. This can reduce the fatty deposits in your neck. However, depending on someone's age, some of the double chin can be due to the muscles relaxing.

You have a neck muscle called the platysma that covers your neck from your chest to your face. This muscle during youth is tightly adherent to the underlying neck structures. When you age, the muscle eventually comes away from the neck's deeper structures, contributing to the neck laxity and double chin appearance.

The main way to improve this is to do a neck lift along with a lower facelift. Liposuction is a very minimally invasive technique to slim down the neck and tighten the skin as well. But sometimes, the results you get with liposuction is limited, and more advanced techniques are needed to make your neck more shapely.

Augmentation of your chin can help create a greater disparity between your face, chin and neck region. Chin implants can help improve the angles of your chin with your neck. Other options that are less invasive include volumizing your lower face. This can have a tremendous impact on pulling the loose tissues up towards the area under your chin and also create more of a covering effect for the contents below your jawline.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Neck Lift options for double chin and loose neck skin

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To get the best results for someone with  the double chin and excess loose skin of the neck;

Liposuction or sculpting of the neck should be done.

Reconstruction of the underlying muscles in the neck should be performed.

Neck skin excess if it is severe needs to be removed.

Chin area should be addressed individually (use a small chin implant if it is indicated).

Your plastic surgeon can create amazing results if all the above areas area addressed.

There are many times that Liposuction would be adequate---it all depends on the degree of the excess skin, fat and laxity of muscles.

Best wishes,

Dr. Sajjadian


Double chin and loose neck skin

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The only way that I know to remove a double chin is to perform liposuction. The only way to get a good result from treating loose skin is by excising it usually with a neck lift.

Double Chin

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The double chin in young patinets has many causes. There can be too much fat, there can be looseness of the muscles (platysma) with fat underneath it, or there can be problems with the angles the chin makes with the face, especially if the chin is weak. In older patients, the neck skin and descending fat from the fface can also contribute to the appearance of a double chin.

Patients can lose weight on their own. This is the only effective method, in my opinion, that does not involve surgery.

Fat can be removed with liposuction, with or without the laser. Laser has additional complications such as burns that tumescent liposuction does not have. The tightening effect of lasers has not in my opinion been proven. Their ability to burn skin, however, has been proven, especially if tightening of the skin from below is attempted. The laser should under no circumstance be considered noninvasive.

The deep muscle layer can be tightened with a platysmaplasty. In our office, we like the Neck-Lace extended platysmaplasty for producing the best neck angles.

If the chin is weak and the teeth meet properly, patients often benefit from a chin implant.

The combination of all three can be profound in the right patient.

Be cautious of oils, creams, minimally invasive devices or lasers that promise to perform all of these. Now that you know the issues, you can design a treatment plan with your plastic surgeon that "fixes" the problems.

Brent Moelleken, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Double chin cannot be lost nonsurgically

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If you really have fat under the chin and an excess of skin in the neck, the ONLY hope you have for a NON-SURGICAL solution is to be young, have great skin elasticity and lose weight and get into phenomenal physical shape hoping the fat will melt and the skin will tighten. So, unless this describes you, you really need a surgical procedure to give you any long term benefit in this area. Depending on your starting point, this can be liposuction plus/minus a chin implant, a neck lift, or a facelift.

"Non surgical being the key words"

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Certainly sub-mental liposuction (whether laser or not) would be a reasonable choice if you do not have significant amounts of skin as Dr. Seckel and Dr. Law have pointed out - however those would (at least in my opinion) fall under the "surgical" category (even though it is very minor surgery).

Non-surgical methods are decidely less effective (think those "tightening and firming" creams you see on television). The one treatment to consider that meets the "non-surgical" criteria would be something like Thermage or Cutera's Titan product. Both of those systems deliver energy to the dermis to cause some degree of tightening.

Whether this would be effective for you is debatable, but if you really, absolutely want to avoid any scar it would be something to investigate. Not trying to be too controversial - just trying to give you an answer.

I hope it helps!

Steven Williams, MD

Slim down neck- noninvasive

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Thank you for your question. Ultrasound tightening like Ultherapy is an amazing alternative for the neck! Also, Kybella is great to minimize the fat right under the chin. Botox in the neck also helps a lot. There are many options! 

Best of luck,

Dr. M

Morgan Rabach, MD
New York Dermatologist

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