Is It Possible to Lose Too Much Body Fat Through Liposuction?

I've always been in good shape but after having a baby, I weighed 142lbs and 34% body fat. I'm only 5'0 and shocked with the weight gain! Through diet & exercise I got down to 130 and decided to do liposuction. After having my stomach done, I weighed 125lbs/24% body fat. Next liposuction was on inner thighs and I now weigh 120lbs/17% body fat. I'm happy that I'm in a good range, but I still have one last lipo procedure - area underneath the armpit. I'm worried body fat % will be too low after.

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Liposuction, too much removal?

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Congratulations on the new look!   I think so far your abdomen looks great and you are doing well.   I think it would be difficult to get to too low a body fat percentage by liposuction.   You have had some weight loss associated with your liposuction.  Although is may be possible to get a 5 pound weight loss from liposuction of the abdomen alone, I done not think you likely had enough fat in your inner thighs to generate a 5 pound loss.   I think you are getting some of the weight loss on your own!  If you are dieting or exercising more, talk with your surgeon about it.  He can give you more incite into the procedure and how much fat he removed.

Liposuction and Body Fat

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Generally, there isn't a lot of fat located in the underarm area, or at least enough to significantly decrease your body fat percentage. I wouldn't worry about being too low. 

By the way, congratulations on being so vigilant with your diet and exercise regimen. If anything, it's your healthy lifestyle that is getting your body fat so low!

Liposuction of the underarms will not cause a significant weight loss

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You will not drop an appreciable amount of body fat by doing liposuction of the underarm. You should feel comfortable, emotionally, undergoing the surgery as long as you are eating healthy and are not anorexic. Continue to exercise and eat well balanced meals.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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