Lose 15 Pounds After Breast Augmentation Surgery Okay?

I am get breast augmentation in 3week . My Docter will be going over my muscle and I will be getting a 420 cc put in but I am 15 pound from weight loss goal. Will the 15 pound weight loss after my surgery affect my breast shape or look? I weight 152 and I am 38 A right know

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Will weight loss affect my breast implants?

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Generally an A cup breast is already pretty slim so therefore would not be as affected by a 15lb weight loss.  One possible concern in a small breast receiving a larger (400+ cc) implant in the sub-glandular position would be visible wrinkling.  Always discuss any concerns with your doctor before undergoing surgery.

Weight loss and breast surgery

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A 15 lb weight loss before or after breast surgery can certainly impact the selection of the implants and possibly the operation based upon how the breasts appear after the weight loss.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Weight loss and augment

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I recommend that you reach and maintain your goal weight prior to surgery. For some patients, the weight difference can result in sagging and for others it is perfectly okay. But, is it worthwhile to have a procedure and then regret the volume in proportion to a small weight or to have a negative consequence?

Weight loss before breast surgery

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Breast tissue changes with weight loss/gain, periods, pregnancy, etc.  Some people can gain or lose four or five pounds and all of it is in their breasts.  Some can gain or lose twenty or thirty pounds and none if it is in their breasts.  You know better than anyone how your breasts might respond to weight loss or gain.

Edwin C. Pound, III, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Weight loss before surgery

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In general, it is best to be at or very near your goal weight before surgery.


Good luck.

Losing Weight After Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Thank you for your question.

I generally ask my patients to be at a long term stable weight prior to surgery to achieve the best results. Some patients who lose 15 pounds will see some difference in their breasts such as a decrease in breast size and/or drooping to some degree.

In regards to positioning of breast implants, I would suggest that you learn about the pros/cons of breast  implant positioning  prior to undergoing the procedure.   You will find these pros/cons discussed previously on the site.

Best wishes.

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