Lose 10 Pounds After Augmentation (Asymmetry)?

I had surgery to correct severe asymmetry. I had 450cc in my left & 250c in my right. 5ft5in, 125 lbs, I'm an a, small b. Prior I was just a small a. I know if i lose 20lbs my breast size would go down. I know I should have reached my goal weight before surgery but I didnt, so if i lose 10 pounds do you think my left side would hardly change since its all implant and my right side would get smaller since it has more breast tissue. My fear is being asymmetrical again, do I just stay this weight?

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The Effect of Weight Loss on Breast Symmetry

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Patients with asymmetric breasts are counseled in my practice that they should be within 10 pounds of their goal weight prior to surgery.  This is because weight gain, or loss, effects how much fatty tissue resides in the breast.  Breasts that are made symmetric with different sized implants can become asymmetric with a significant amount of weight loss.   Often the larger breast is more sensitive to gain or loss of body weight.

It is likely that losing or gaining a few pounds will not make much difference, but if it does, it is easy to adjust your weight.  Cosmetic breast surgery masks the underlying differences in breast size really well for patients who are stable in weight and hormonal use (birth control, etc.)

Weight loss and breast shape

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Your wight and height are ideal, if you do the math your body mass index is 20.5. Losing more wight in the range of 10 pounds would probably not change much in terms of breast shape, but you may notice that difference in size given your height and weight. I applause you for staying healthy and your desire to be healthier.

Moneer Jaibaji, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Losing Weight and Breast Asymmetry?

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Thank you for the question.

As you can imagine, it is not possible to predict whether your breasts will change in size, shape, or symmetry with a specific amount of weight gain or loss. Generally speaking, 5 to 10 pounds weight loss should not make a significant change in the characteristics of the breasts ( for most patients).

Generally, I would advise the patients  reach a long-term healthy weight (what happens to the breast  size/shape/symmetry should be of secondary concern).

Best wishes.

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