Short nose after revision rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty 4 month ago to make my nose smaller, i had a bulbous tip, my doctor did cephalic trimming and septum lowered 2 mm, as well 2 mm rotation tip. after the cast off my nose almost appeared as the same old lenght. however, as time passes i see that my nose is getting shorter. i still have some swelling, but why am seeing my nose shorter now? i did not discuss shortening my nose with my surgeon.

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Shortening nose after revision rhinoplasty

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Based on the things you mentioned, your surgeon was aiming to "refine" your tip and give it more definition. I would definitely speak with your surgeon and discuss what your Preop plan was. In addition this can give you insight into what to expect as healing continues.

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Short nose after revision rhinoplasty

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After the splint comes off, there is a significant amount of swelling. As the swelling decreases over the upcoming months, you may start to notice some underlying structural changes made during your rhinoplasty. I would speak with your surgeon specifically to discuss these issues. It will depend on what was done during surgery and they are the best ones to know what to expect in the long term. 
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