When Can I Go Braless After Implant Removal and Lift?

I'll be having my ugly DD under the muscle salines removed (310 and 330 cc) and having a lift. Will I be able to go bra less after healing?? Will my boobs be good as new?? I have to spend 7k for this and if I don't get to wear no bra ever again, then I don't wanna pay that amount..I want to be how I was :(

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Implant explantation

Without examining you in person, it is difficult to answer your question.  Pre and postop (current) photos may help as well.  Your breasts probably have changed while you had implants.  Removing the implants and having lifts will not give you the same breast size and shape that you had prior to breast augmentation.  Depending on the final size of your breasts, you may not need to wear bra once everything is healed.  If you are having concerns and doubts, you should talk with your plastic surgeon again.  You should have all your questions addressed.

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