Should I stop wearing my compression breast strap? (photos)

So I'm only 2 weeks post op and I'm already in love with my breasts. Obviously they still have a little bit of changing to do but overall I like where they sit on my chest I just don't like the fullness in the upper pole. When I saw my PS for post op he said to wear it for another month to get them to drop into place. Will wearing it more make me bottom out? I don't want them to move further down my chest just move the volume from the upper to lower pole. Should I keep wearing or stop wearing?

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Compression breast strap

Thank you for the question and photos.  Some doctors do not recommend the compression breast strap since gravity usually does the work of settling the implants.  It would be best to contact your surgeon about it but everything should be fine if you stop wearing it.  Best of luck Dr. Michael Omidi.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Yes. Stop. Gravity will do the rest.  Your surgeon will know how best to achieve the result you are looking for. Glad you are so happy with your excellent result. 

David Marcus, MD
Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon
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Should I stop wearing my compression breast strap?

Thank you for your question. You will need to check with your Surgeon as I normally recommend my patients to wear the bra for 3 weeks.

Bulent Cihantimur, MD
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Speak with your surgeon, but, yes, stop wearing the strap. Gravity should do the rest. Thrilled that you are loving your results. Best, Dr. Nazarian

Sheila S. Nazarian, MD
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Should I stop wearing my compression breast strap?

Hi and thanks for your question and posted photos. Congratulations for your great outcome, you should follow your PS instructions, I recommend my patients to wear the PO bra for 1 month. It´s still early in your recovery time, implants will settle and look much better.

Hector Milla, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon
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Should I continue wearing my breast strap?

It's great you love your results! Discuss your concerns with your surgeon but I would recommend you follow your surgeon's advice for you to get the best results. 

Should I stop wearing my compression breast strap? (photos)

You look like you're coming along fine.  You have a great result.  I would follow the recommendations of your surgeon, as he/she will know what's been done and how your recovery should go.

Just from the photos, it looks like your residual upper pole fullness is something that will resolve on its own.

Paul H. Rhee, MD, FACS
Castle Rock Plastic Surgeon
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How long should I wear breast strap?

Thank you for your photos and question. It is great to hear that you are very happy with your results, I usually have my patients wear the compression band for at least 2 weeks so the implants can drop down in position. However, each surgeon has their own indications. I suggest asking your plastic surgeon what is recommended. Best wishes! 

Ricardo Vega, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon
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Best to follow the advice your operating surgeon has already suggested. Best Of Luck. #DrFeldman #BreastAugmentationFeldman #plasticsurgery

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