How does the O-Shot differ from the G-Shot?

Do either of these procedures address Stress Urinary Incontinence in addition to potentially increasing sexual pleasure? How long do the effects of these treatments last? Thank you :))

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O-Shot vs. G-Shot and Treatments for Stress Incontinence

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The G-Shot uses hyaluronic acid injected directly into the area of the G-Spot to "amplify" it, which can improve sensation and make it easier to achieve orgasm.

The O-Shot uses PRP (platelet rich plasma), which is derived from the patients blood. Blood is drawn (just like any blood draw) and the blood is then spun down in a centrifuge to separate the PRP. This PRP contains several natural growth factors and cytokines that can help to stimulate collagen production and restore tissue to a more youthful state. With the O-Shot, the PRP is injected into the clitoris and the anterior wall of the vagina. There can be some benefit for incontinence, lubrication, and sensation with this procedure, however I strongly feel there are better options for this.

It is my opinion that the best combination for addressing both increased sexual satisfaction with improvements in stress urinary incontinence is the Fotona Incontilase procedure (instead of O-Shot) combined with the G-Shot. The Incontilase Procedure uses short laser pulses create photo-thermal stimulation, resulting in tightening of the connective tissue around the vagina wall, urethral orifice, vestibule and anterior bladder wall. The shrinking and tightening of the vaginal and pelvic floor tissues results in greater support to the bladder and urethra, and the return of normal continence function. The Incontilase procedure has the added benefit of some tightening of the vaginal canal, but if you want to further tighten the vaginal canal you could also look into the Intimalase procedure, which uses the same laser but in a different manner that is specifically designed to tighten the vagina by an average of 17%. The G-Shot is a great accompaniment to these laser treatments and can yield the results I think you are looking for.

So in summary...
G-Shot: Heightened G-Spot Sensation
Incontilase: Treatment for Urinary Stress Incontinence
Intimalase: Vaginal Tightening (avg of 17%) and Increased Vaginal Sensation

Hope this helps.

Sugar Land OB/GYN
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O-Shot versus the G-Shot

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Great question!  In short, the G-Shot is a procedure that uses a filler (usually hyaluronic acid like Juvederm) to attempt to enlarge the area termed the "G-Spot) which is an area of erectile muscle and tissue leading to sexual orgasm after physical stimulation.  The G-Shot has been found by most to be unsuccessful due to the difficulty of placement of filler and really working with the wrong philosophy of just making the area bigger versus rejuvenating the tissue to be healthier like the O-Shot does.  The O-Shot uses platelet rich plasma (PRP) which is a concentration of your body's own growth factors, enzymes, cytokines and healing elements to strengthen and rejuvenate the sexual tissue to encourage it to "act more youthful" and function better.  This way, the treatment helps you to have healthier and more functional tissue to improve sexual experience and reduce urinary incontinence.  In addition, the G-Shot has not been found to help with urinary incontinence in most studies.  Results of the O-Shot can last for years. Hope that explains it for you!

Warren B. Seiler III, MD
Birmingham Physician

O-Shot vs G-Shot

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The O-shot uses your own platelet rich plasma (PRP) that is taken from you blood. By injecting platelets into the clitoris and anterior wall of the vagina (G-spot region), the O-shot encourages stimulation and formation of new collagen, blood vessels and nerve supply to the area. Patients experience increased sensation, ability to climax and improved symptoms of stress urinary incontinence. There is no downtown with the O-shot, you may exercise or have intercourse immediately after your injection. The shot can last anywhere from 8-16 months depending on the patient.

The G-Shot uses filler that serves to enlarge the G-spot- making it more accessible. Results last roughly 4 months.


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The G-Shot is a trademarked procedure by which a hyaluronic acid filler is injected into the area of the G-Spot to enhance orgasms in women who have vaginal orgasms with intercourse.  The results from this last around 4 months.

The O-Shot is a trademarked procedure which uses PRP (platelet rich plasma).  PRP is derived from a patients own blood.  It contains growth factors which help stimulate collagen and regenerate the tissue.  The PRP is injected around the clitoris and anterior vaginal wall, in the area around the bladder neck.  It can improve clitoral orgasms as well as help with incontinence in some patients.  In our office, we often combine the O-Shot with the Femilift laser for women with incontinence.  The Femilift is a CO2 laser which uses micro injury and heat to stimulated collagen, regenerate the vaginal mucosa, tighten the tissues and improve lubrication. We have seen great improvement in incontinence symptoms as well as improved sexual satisfaction with this combination. Our patients will start to see improvement almost immediately and the results last for 12-18 months.

Gshot vs Oshot- do they work for leakage??

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The Gshot is an injection of a filler (similar to Juvaderm) into the Gspot inside the vagina. It plumps the area up and makes it easier to find for and more sensitive. The Oshot utilizes PRP (from your own blood) and is injected into the Gspot and under the clitoris itself... For the same reasons as above, however since the Oshot also treats the clitoral area, clitoral sensation may also improve. NEITHER treatment will address SUI (even if they make claims as such) and depending on the severity of your urinary leakage you will need additional treatment with either a surgical procedure (such as a non-mesh laparoscopic Burch) or if more mild ThermiVa nonsurgical rejuvenation may be an excellent option and boost the sexual benefits of the Oshot!! 

Robert D. Moore, DO
Atlanta Urogynecologist
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O-Shot and G-Shot very different

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The G-shot is a trademarked name by Dr. David Matlock in Beverly Hills for a specific type of collagen filler injected into the g-spot area. It only takes a few minutes in the office and it's specific purpose is to enhance orgasms by making it easier to hit that enlarged g-spot during intercourse.  The trademarked G-shot lasts about 4 months.

The O-Shot on the other hand is a completely different type of shot. It is an office procedure made of platelet rich plasma (PRP) from your own blood. The O-Shot is injected into several areas both outside and inside the vagina and the prp starts to rejuvenate and regenerate the tissue (takes about 2-3 weeks to start working). Women that have had the O-Shot do report some improvement of their stress urinary incontinence as well as enhanced orgasm, vaginal pain, increased natural lubrication and libido. The O-Shot is also a trademarked name by Dr. Runels and a doctor must be trained to administer this shot and use the name.

I have been offering the G-Shot for 7 years and the O-Shot for over a year with great results. We also offer a GO-Shot which is a combination of both.

G-shot vs. O-Shot explained

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The G-Shot involves injecting hyaluronic acid (foreign material) directly into in a highly sensitive zone in the vaginal wall or the G-Spot (yes it does exist). By plumping up this area, it increases friction and stimulation to the G-Spot thereby enhancing sexual response to those who are able to achieve orgasm by vaginal stimulation.  

The O-shot, on the other hand, utilizes your bodies own PRP (platelet rich plasma) which is injected, painlessly, into your anterior vaginal wall AND the clitoris which also enhances clitoral stimulation and response.

PRP is obtained from your own blood through a very specific process. Injection of PRP delivers growth factors that allow for rejuvenation of your tissues, nerves, and vascular structures which in turn improve sensation and strengthen orgasmic response. Additional reported benefits include improvement in painful intercourse and urinary symptoms including urinary incontinence.

Complimentary benefit can be obtained by combining laser vaginal resurfacing and PRP therapy for maximal rejuvenation of urinary, vaginal and orgasmic function.

Peter Castillo, MD, FACOG
Bay Area Urogynecologist
5.0 out of 5 stars 16 reviews

O shot

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Thank you for sharing.  We started performing the O Shot in our practice a few months ago and are loving the results our patients are getting.
The O Shot uses your bodies own rejuvenating factors called platelets.  These cells are powerful rejuvenating cells which contain growth factors that help to rejuvenate tissue and increase blood flow.
The O Shot helps to improve the symptoms of urinary stress Incontinence, vaginal atrophy and heightened orgasms.

Best of luck:)


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If you are interested in improving stress urinary incontinence in addition to increasing sexual pleasure , the O-shot would be a better treatment. The PRP (growth factors) obtain from your blood can help regenerate tissue and nerves in the area. The G-shot does not contain any growth factors to help with regeneration. The duration of results are dependent on several factors, but could be up to 12-15 months on average. 

1.  Quality of  the PRP injected. 2. Severity of your symptoms  3. Any other contributing factors such as hormonal status. 

In my practice, combining the O-shot with RF treatment (ThermiVA) has been life changing for many women. Hope this helps ! 

Cheri Ong, MD, FACS
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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How does the O-Shot differ from the G-Shot?

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The difference between the two shots are as follows.

1)The G-shot injection site is much more deeper into the vagina than the O - shot injection site 

2 The G-spot injection consists of a filler which can cause foreign body reaction while the O shot injection consists of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)  whIch is a blood component that is separated from the red and white blood cells by the process of centrifugation. Blood is drawn and put into a specialized centrifuge. Once injected PRP releases growth factors that rejuvenate, repair damaged tissue.

3) The O shot helps with urinary incontinence while the G spot does not.

Hope this helps.

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