Would fillers help to restore the fullness of my eyes? (photos)

I am 50 yrs old. I had an upper and lower blephoroplasty when I was 30 due to lots of excess skin. Would fillers help to restore the fullness of my eyes? I would be grateful for any advise. Ps.. I know I have lots of neck lines. I am scheduled for infini microneedling to, hopefully, reduce that. ;)

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Your pictures

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What I would recommend would be either Xeomin or Botox at your brows which would elevate your brows and tighten things up for you.

No, fillers will not help restore fullness of eyes

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Thank you for your question. Unfortunately no fillers would not help to restore the fullness of your eyes. The safest and most effective treatment for  eyes is going to vary per patient. Especially under the eyes where it is soft and delicate. Fillers are too thick and can cause lumps or swelling. 

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