Removing Broken Suture Suspension String?

I have a polycaproamide long term suture in my cheek that may have broke, I need to locate it for removal if it did because it looks as though it is creating an irregularity and feels hard, but I cannot feel the knot at the top of entry point which I could before, would ultrasound detect it, how else can it be found, through the stab incision at the bottom of my cheek, is it safe to remove it, its deep in the tissues not like the superficial thread lifts.

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Thread lifts, percutaneous suspension sutures

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I must admit that I fell prey to the allure of thread lifts and percutaneous suture lifts for a brief period of time as did many other aesthetic specialists. Most of us have realized that these techniques do not stand the test of time and have abandoned these approaches. In my opinion nothing can replace a good deep plane lift that includes lifting the SOOF fat via the lower eye lid and lifting the malar wad after surgical elevation and release. Getting back to your issue, having the broken thread removed; I've removed quite a few, historically these patients have come to me after failing these other approaches and I've removed the threads during surgery. Usually not difficult to find, however when trying to remove them in the office without the advantage of general anesthesia and an open surgical field they can be more difficult to find and remove. Ultrasound is not readily available in most aesthetic offices and I doubt that would help. Find an aesthetic plastic specialist and you will most likely have a positive experience.

Charlotte Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Removing broken suspension string

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  Personally, I never fell prey to the allure of the suture suspension techniques, as many doctors did.  We are now seeing the problems that these procedures have caused.  I have had mixed results when asked to remove these strings.  In some cases, I have been able to locate them and remove them, while being unable to in others.  Good luck!

Lawrence Kass, MD
Saint Petersburg Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Removal of thread lift sutures

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Thread lifts were once the rage.  Now we are seeing a wave of broken sutures and disappointed patients.

Usually the sutures are readily locatable and removable under local anesthesia, especially if the patient have an operative note of exactly where the sutures were placed initially... if an operative note was done.

Often patients come to our office with complaints that the thread lift did not work, or only worked for a short period of time, and are now requesting a facelift.  During a facelift is usually the time to remove the sutures.  Sometimes they are barbed and not straightforward to remove under a single incision but are best removed through a facelift incision.  

That way the patient gets lasting rejuvenation and solves their broken thread lift problem at the same time.

Brent Moelleken, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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