Cheeklift Nerve Damage?

One week post op, incision in temple gortex suture loop cheeklift, by board certified specialist, left side is healing very nicely, right side bruised badly giving a black eye and alot of swelling. Cannot lift my upper lip on the right side giving me a wonky smile, or scrunch up my nose. I am wondering if this is due to the swelling or a nerve injury? It seems to be improving a bit each day. Is there anything I can do to speed movement, or camouflage asymmetry if it persists for several months?

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Cheeklift nerve damage

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  One week is not a reasonable amount of time to assess your surgical results.  It is also far too early to consider the idea of nerve damage, as bruising can impinge on the normal nerve function which will almost certainly recover with time and with patience.

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Post op swelling vs nerve damage

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send a photo. Hopefully it is just bruising and swelling that is giving the change, but it might be some temporary nerve damage. ask your surgeon?

David A. F. Ellis, MD
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