Five years after, fat transfer extreme overfill under eye sausages need surgical removal, seeking LA surgeon? (photo)

Details: 1. Floricil 5, kenalog 20/30/40 injects have worked to reduce the volume but at the cost of atrophy and pigment lose in the right tear trough. I have had 20 of these injections and stopped a year ago. 2. I have the surgical notes 3. After 3 year the original surgeon cut open the edge of my left eye and removed part of one of the lumps 4. The tear trough have Artifill filler 5. Lumps really bother me when I smile,covering my eyes 6. The lumps are hard and fully contained in pocket

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Fat grafts

Wow I am shocked at all the injections you have had. I would think surgery a better option. At this point you have the original complication plus steroid complications. I think a consult with a very experienced surgeon is in order. Good Luck!

Richmond Plastic Surgeon
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Overfilled fat in the eyelids

Your photos are limited. If it is true fullness from fat and it hasn't responded to multiple kenalog/5FU injections, surgical debulking is an option but it has to be done carefully and conservatively by experienced (oculoplastic) surgeon to minimize any damage to surrouding normal tissues.

Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Fat transfer correction

Although fat transfer is now a fairly common and reliable technique, when it is overdone it is difficult to correct. Liposuction doesn't work, and steroid injections are unpredictable and have significant risks as you know from experience. Overcorrection should never be done with fat injection in the face, but this was commonly done in the past. I think most surgeons know better now. If 100% of the fat takes, and it was overcorrected to account for some loss which doesn't happen, then you've got a problem. Always better to undercorrect and come back for more than to overcorrect. Seek out a surgeon who has experience with facial fat injection and surgical correction of overinjected fat. As far as the Artefill, that may diminish with time, but removal may be a part of your fat removal.

Douglas J. Mackenzie, MD
Santa Barbara Plastic Surgeon
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