Why Won't Vitrase Work on HA Filler? I Saw Her Open the Box! It Was Juvaderm Ultra.

I had juvaderm ultra injected into my nasolabial folds and I hated it. 2 weeks later I started the removal process and I've had 3 rounds of vitrase and it will not go away! It gets mushy for a bit, and a little waxy, then swells right back up again? Yes its juvaderm, i went to a reputable dermatologist and saw her take out the box! What is going on? Why won't it dissolve? Am I the only person immune to this?? I'm started to get worried that I've got scar tissue.

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Reversing Juvederm?

Hi LAlady.  If you are sure the product was Juvederm and you have already had three rounds of Vitrase with a reputable physician, then we would not do anything else.  

Although we cannot explain why the product has not been removed completely, additional treatments would not seem to be in order at this point.  Good luck.

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