Are There Any Dermatologists in the US Known for Being Publicly Critical of Lasers and Does Not Use Lasers in His/her Practice?

You need not agree with their perspective. I am simply hoping to receive a referral for a dermatologist to give to a friend who has suffered laser damage. Obviously I'm referring to the "facial rejuvination" types of lasers (not hair removal, surgical, etc.). The West coast is preferred, but anywhere in the US would be fine.

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Dermatologists critical of lasers

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Well, even dermatologists who use lasers in their practices, like myself, would not be supportive of all lasers and all technicians. There are literally thousands of types of lasers - ablative, non-ablative, semi-ablative, etc. on the market. Many lasers are absolutely effective and wonderful, and supremely dangerous in untrained hands. So the question for you (and your friend) would be more of what happened, what laser was used, and what to do now.  Additionally, those hypercritical of lasers in general, might not be the best people for advice as they wouldn't necessarily be an expert in the field if they are totally opposed and publicly critical. Just something else to consider.

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