Is the Removal of a Hump Necessary in Cases of Severe Nose Deviation Due to Fractures?

I had nasal surgery because I couldn't breath out of my nose. I had a ´double deviated septum' and apparently part of one of the deviations was on the middle third of the nose involving both bone and the septum. Both a PS and a ENT did the procedure with a extracorporeal septoplasty. I had several fractures but I seriously never told them 'look at this ugly hump'. Was shaving down the hump necessary?? I'm very upset with the way my nose looks now. I just wanted the bones to be set right

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Hump removal

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If your external nose was crooked before the operation then shaving down a hump does make it easier to get your nose closer to the centre of your face.  If your external nose was fairly straight before the operation, then the hump, generally speaking, would not need modification.

Taking photographs of you and looking at them on a computer before the operation is often helpful in facilitating a discussion about possible changes in appearance.

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Rhinoplasty and septoplasty

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Dear WTHrhino,

  • This is a conversation you should have with your surgeons
  • Why was there a PS involved also, did you want some changes to the nose as well?
  • If your nasal bones had to be reset, then the hump could have changed in the operating room, and they may have had to smooth is out a little bit to avoid your nose looking worse

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

Nima Shemirani, MD
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Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty

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In order to straighten crooked nasal bones, they have to be cut and repositioned.  This will automatically change the shape of your nose.  You could leave the hump high, but it would probably come down a little.  Did you talk about expected changes to the shape of your nose before the surgery?  Ask about filler to replace the hump.  This should be easy to do and inexpensive if that is all you want to change.

John Bitner, MD
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